Marcel and Meher on Women Now Talk Show

Recently Meher and I were invited to be guests on a TV show called “Women Now” to share some photography tips with their audience.  Women Now is a new lifestyle TV talk show covering a broad range of issues concerning South East Asian women. Since we are more used to being behind the camera than in front of it, we were a little nervous at first, but hosts Ena, Jaya, Sippi and Harbir made us feel at home and we soon forgot all about being on a TV set.  Women Now is airing on TV Asia and some local channels and will start airing on KTSF some time in September.

Ena, Jaya, Sippi and Harbir thank you so much for having us, we had a blast. We wish you all the best and much success with your show. If you want to find out more about their show you can check out their website at

Women Now TV hosts Sippi, Harbir, Ena and Jaya

Marcel and Meher on the set of Women Now TV show

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