Mission Motors Shoot

June 6, 2013

In April we had the pleasure to photograph Mark Seeger (Chairman and President of Mission Motorcycles) and Jit Bhattacharya (President of Mission Motors) for their media kit  and world premier  of the Mission R full electric motorcycles. These motorcycles are the latest addition to the electric vehicle revolution and are an amazing engineering miracle.  With a range of up to 140 miles per charge,  0-60 mph in 3 seconds and a top speed of 150 miles, these superbikes are not only fun to ride, they will leave many gas slurping crotch rockets eating dust (dust only, since there is no exhaust!) You can find out more on their website: https://www.mission-motorcycles.com/r


A Feather In Our Cap…….

January 4, 2013

Junebug Best of the Best 2012
We are truly honored to have one of our images chosen as the Best of the Best 2012 at Junebug Weddings. This year Junebug had almost 7000 entries from 39 different countries! The winning collection of images is truly stunning. Our picture was taken at Rupali and Rikhi’s Bollywood Meets the Bay Treasure Island wedding. You can see more of their wedding on our Facebook page.

Junebug Best of the Best 2012 Honorable Mention
In addition to being included in Junebug Weddings Best of the Best we got an honorable mention for the “Wedding Ceremony” category. This timeless photo was taken at Rachel and Doug’s wedding, you can see more of their very unique wedding on our Facebook page.

Recent Accolades

April 30, 2011

In the 2010 International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) winter competition Marcel placed three images.  This is truly an international competition with some of the best wedding photographers from around the world, so it’s always an honor to place some pics.

7th place movement and motion

This fun image of Samira and Faraz’s wedding placed 7th in the “Movement and Motion” category

4th place engagement session

This image of Sharon and Chadd’s San Francisco Engagement session placed 4th in the “Engagement” Category.

Award winning wedding image

This image of Susanne And Noah’s ceremony placed 11th in the “Humor” category.

Recent Accolades from the ISPWP Fall Competition

February 11, 2011

We almost forgot to post this. In the last International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) competition Meher placed three images among the top 20 and Marcel snuck one in as well.  This is truly an international competition with some of the most creative and talented wedding photographers from around the world, so it’s always an honor to place some pics.

Meher placed this fun shot of our good friend Scott and Phyllis in the “First Dance” Category.

This is one of Meher’s from Jacqui and Luke’s that placed in the Bridal Party Category.

Another one from Jacqui and Luke’s wedding that placed in the “Wedding Dress” Category.

Marcel placed this one from Amanda and Tim’s wedding in the “Bridal Party Portrait” category.

Recent Accolades. . .

September 23, 2010

We recently entered some images in a photographic contest held by the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP). Both of us placed two images each! This is quite an honor since the ISPWP is a truly international wedding photography organization whose members are the most elite and sought after wedding photographers in the world. Below are the images that placed…………..

Meher placed this in the “Getting Ready” category. A great moment from Alison and Matt’s wedding. Alison is opening a gift Matt had sent to her room, while her bridesmaids and flower girl look on in awe.

Meher placed this in the “Location” category. This shot was taken at Juli and Mason’s gorgeous Napa Valley wedding at the Harvest Inn in St. Helena. The open air chandeliers were just the coolest. There is something really theatrical about this shot.

Marcel placed this one in the “Bridal Portrait” category. This high key portrait of beautiful Katie Babb (our Broadway Bride) was taken in a small hallway of a house at Sea Ranch. The little hallway had a great light, but if you saw it, you would have a hard time imagining that this shot was taken in such a location!

This shot of Marcel’s placed first in the “Reception” category! You’ve gotta to love these enthusiastic girls.

Marcel and Meher on Women Now Talk Show

July 30, 2010

Recently Meher and I were invited to be guests on a TV show called “Women Now” to share some photography tips with their audience.  Women Now is a new lifestyle TV talk show covering a broad range of issues concerning South East Asian women. Since we are more used to being behind the camera than in front of it, we were a little nervous at first, but hosts Ena, Jaya, Sippi and Harbir made us feel at home and we soon forgot all about being on a TV set.  Women Now is airing on TV Asia and some local channels and will start airing on KTSF some time in September.

Ena, Jaya, Sippi and Harbir thank you so much for having us, we had a blast. We wish you all the best and much success with your show. If you want to find out more about their show you can check out their website at womennow.tv

Women Now TV hosts Sippi, Harbir, Ena and Jaya

Marcel and Meher on the set of Women Now TV show

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